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HalfInane-HalfMental has started a donation pool!
279 / 500
Don't question my status

Don't let my watchers or pageviews fool you because I'm not some kind of 'Art god' or a Popular snob,I'm just a regular human being who has a passion for art please treat me as such.

Also yes I Llama back so don't be afraid to send me one just don't thank me.

Disable comments-Stamp by Dinoclaws

Art status

Current kiriban at: 96,969 ( Kiriban information )
Current Deviations: 1,173 (the extra 511 are journals /shot which i don't think really count at all )
:bulletgreen: 7,971 Badges sent, 6.179 Badges received
:star: Need 1,321 for wizard Llama 0-0 :star:

(Llama stats updated on 2/10/15 )

Note: It only says 7,973 given on my badges because I gave myself and my bf cake badge so yeah I've actually given 7,971 Llamas it also says I have 6,195 received but that is because of the extra 16 badges.

Taken by LordDreadRaven as of 27/3/12
March 27th 2012
Member of da since 12/9/11
September 12th 2011

Commission Information
Point/Money commissions open.Art status

FC/OC and character Stickers 40 Points / $0.40

FC/OC Stickers place them on your profile with the thumb code either in a custom box if your a premium member or In your ID if your a regular member either way.
Couple stickers: 60 Points / $0.60



Headshots with background and shading 65 Points / $0.65
Headshots with no background /w shadin

(Donation poll reset 17/2/15)

I'm Saving up my points to commission some awesome people and To be honest with you I work really hard for Months/days to earn my points yes earn so don't come begging/noting me asking for points or anything because I will not give you . anything okay. please don't let my balance put you off of donating any points to me It's true I earned the points myself so yeah ^^;
Actual Balance 191 :points:

Oooh you'll live by ViscountDevil more active.. by HalfInane-HalfMental+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirl
Llamas by impersonalinfoYGOTAS: Hug :Stamp: by LauNachtyrYGOTAS: Epic Pouting :Stamp: by LauNachtyr
Just call me Insane by HalfInane-HalfMentalParanoid? Yes I Am! by British-ProphetessInsane's My Name by British-Prophetess
- devWATCH stamp - by slawomiroI Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Truth About Chores by British-Prophetess

My birthday badge

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Art status

FC/OC and character Stickers 40 Points / $0.40

Art raffle prize 2 2/2 Faceless bonnie sticker by HalfInane-HalfMentalHuman Amber. by HalfInane-HalfMentalGA: Jik sticker by HalfInane-HalfMentalIIP Sticker by HalfInane-HalfMental
FC/OC Stickers place them on your profile with the thumb code either in a custom box if your a premium member or In your ID if your a regular member either way.

Couple stickers: 60 Points / $0.60
Artie and Hade sticker by HalfInane-HalfMentalUmi and Bran sticker by HalfInane-HalfMental

Dar by HalfInane-HalfMentalMarco Renjan (Head) by HalfInane-HalfMentalThe twins by HalfInane-HalfMental

Headshots with background and shading 65 Points / $0.65
Headshots with no background /w shading 50 Points / $0.50
Headshots with no background /w out shading 40 Points $0.40
no background = White background. if you want transparent Just ask me. :3

Transparent full body/Almost full body (more than likely will be full body)

Domi by HalfInane-HalfMentalRosette by HalfInane-HalfMentalArcane ref by HalfInane-HalfMentalWillow by HalfInane-HalfMental

Fully coloured and shaded: 100 Points / $1.00
Fully coloured not shaded: 80 Points / $0.80
Shadow colour (as seen on willow): no charge
extra character: 20 Points / $0.20

Half body transparent.

Half body transparent 60 Points / $0.60
Half body transparent w/o  shading 50 Points / $0.50
extra character 20 Points / $0.20
Extra anything: free. (max 3 items)
Ace by HalfInane-HalfMentalArcane by HalfInane-HalfMentalCasi by HalfInane-HalfMental

Half body character or characters.

Bli  by HalfInane-HalfMentalIIP How about nope. by HalfInane-HalfMentalMarco by HalfInane-HalfMental

Half body + Background with shading  120 Points / $1.20
Half body + Background no shading  100 Points / $1.00
Half body + Simple White background w/ shading 80 Points / $0.80
Extra character: 20 Points / $0.25

Single full body or almost full body character with simple/themed background w/shading
Commission: TheFimp by HalfInane-HalfMentalUquin  by HalfInane-HalfMentalDamien by HalfInane-HalfMentalUmi on a rock. by HalfInane-HalfMental

Single full body or almost full body character with (add on from one of the things below)
Background (themed) with shading 160 Points / $1.60
Background (simple) with shading 140 Points  / $1.40
Background (themed/simple) with no shading (T) 120 /$1.20 /(S)110 Points/ $1.10
no background (plain white)  with shading 100 Points / $1.00
no background (plain white)  and no shading 70 Points / $0.70
(you can have your choice of simple background whether you want a shadow background (as seen on the uquin picture or something else as seen on the others please tell me)
(Example: Single full body character with (themed) background with shading = 160 points or $1.60 )

Two Characters  or more with simple/themed background with shading.

The Proposal by HalfInane-HalfMentalOn his lap by HalfInane-HalfMentalRaymond by HalfInane-HalfMental

Two Characters with themed background  w/shading 200 Points/ $2.00
Two Characters with Simple background w/shading 180Points / $1.80
(depending on complexity of character it may take longer)

Lineless busts/halfbody's

Aritino lineless by HalfInane-HalfMentalMaurice by HalfInane-HalfMental

Lineless half body: 100 Points / $1.00
Lineless half body without shading: 80 Points/ $0.80
Lineless bust: 75 Points / $0.75 
Lineless bust without shading: 60 Points / $0.60
Extra character: 20 Points / $0.20

Lineless full body

Lava Lineless full body. by HalfInane-HalfMentalLilly by HalfInane-HalfMental

Mature Content

Lineless Arcane censored by HalfInane-HalfMental

Lineless full body: 140 Points / $1.40
Lineless full body w/o shading: 120Points / $1.20 
Extra character: 20 Points / $0.20

Traditional Busts (limited XD A3 Paper sketch 160 Points / $1.60  NO COLOUR because I may screw up and no one wants that ) (may digitalize if asked) (Example traditional on the left digital version on the right can be used as stickers ) Extra character/doodle of anything: 20 Points

GA: Mozi sketch by HalfInane-HalfMental Ga: Mozi by HalfInane-HalfMental

Traditional sketches?

No pressure flat coloured with some shading and lumi and a plain bg drawings
Zivian Gold by HalfInane-HalfMentalFree to use Bonnie sticker. by HalfInane-HalfMentalArt dump thing. by HalfInane-HalfMental

No Tablet pressure,flatly coloured possible luminosity depending on the picture with a simple background. sketchiness can be avoided well not really bad drawings made semi okay.

Full body: 60 Points / $0.60
Half body: 50 Points /  $0.50
Sticker: 20  Points / $0.20
Random anything: 20 Points per doodle / $0.20 
Sketchy dumps: 50 Points /  $0.50

Journal Skins with your own personal Cursor 200-260 Points (UNAVAILABLE DUE TO CODE CHANGES may bring back )
200 Points Heart Skin by HalfInane-HalfMentalBroken hearted skull journal skin by HalfInane-HalfMental Journal skin commission for FabulousFennekin by HalfInane-HalfMental(type one)

260 Points New Purple Feathers and chains Journal skin by HalfInane-HalfMentalNew  Purple Journal skin by HalfInane-HalfMental (type two)

Custom box Backgrounds Made in Sai.
Free to use Candy Cane Custom Christmas Box by HalfInane-HalfMental Purple background by HalfInane-HalfMental  Zim Custom box commission by HalfInane-HalfMental Autumn Leaves custom box bg by HalfInane-HalfMental
normal box 100 Points / $1.00
Longer one with simple design 120 Points / $1.20
simple long one with text 135 Points / $1.35
long one with a FC/OC character 130  Points / $1.30 (max 6 characters or 1 character 6 times in dif poses)
long one with a Higher design and Text 140 Points / $1.40
long box with gradient and brushes used 150 Points / $1.50

I can draw/will do
Invader Zim ei irkens,vortians.
merkens (both female and male)
FNAF (cannon in my style and possibly fc's/oc's)
Humans and human like things.
Robots (so long as it's not overly detailed I'll give it a go)
Nudity/Mild nudity (within da rules of course censored though if full blown okay)
I Can't draw/won't do
fandoms I'm not familiar with
overly complicated designs
Muscular characters. (I can try in my derp style but I'm not that good)
Most animals but not all animals. (I will try no doubt it might look horrible haha)
Anything not within da rules.

Also yes I do literature!
Look here for the information > Literature commission information.Poems

note me  with this filled out below
Type of poem: (Example: Falling in love,murder,ect)
Length: (short,medium or long)
Other things: (like what else you have in mind)

Short: 30 Points
Medium: 50 Points
Long: 100 Points
Long poems i consider going past 6 or 8 stances
medium poems: 5-6 stances
short 3-4 stances
(bits of poem is what I mean)


One shot mature content depending on theme
minor violence/gore 100 Points
Explicit violence/gore 140 Points
minor sexual themes 150 Points

Please pay me Via donation pool or directly doesn't matter

Method of payment Points and Paypal I'll note you my email or you can just follow this

My Tumblr:
My NSFW tumbr:
Wip Tumblr:

I'm taking four slots right now.
(I have different forms for each commission please see here:  Commission forms  )

Please pay me at least Half before I start and the rest when I'm done. I am a trust worthy deviant. I will inform you if something happens also if you wish to see a WIP of your work please Ask me whenever you wish too do so. I'm fairly quick with commissions depending on the commission in question. but normally it may take a few days or so as I've got other things to do outside of Deviantart. 

please note me or Comment below if you want anything,if you want to ask me anything feel free to do so any inquires about any type of commission please ask. Also I am a self taught artist If you ever want to see any WIPS Examples

Artie and Hade sticker by HalfInane-HalfMentalArcane ref by HalfInane-HalfMentalIrken adopts 1 WIP by HalfInane-HalfMental I tend to keep all my sketches neat sometimes my sketches turn out better than the finished piece but sometimes it doesn't happen. my style changes.

To do list
Insane's To-do listTO DO LIST
UPDATED 30/9/15
Bullet; Blue Commissions Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Purple Gifts Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Green Requests Bullet; Green
Bullet; Black Trades Bullet; Black
Bullet; Orange Collabs Bullet; Orange
Prize stuff  for contests/giveaways
Other stuff I need to do
update broken bonds
draw some fc's
Work on FC project (4/??) done
do some more poses
Write chapter 10 part 2 of Anna fox (not started)
Alsa ref (not started)
Omi ref (not started)
Amber bio (Not started)
Omi bio (not star


Just Call me Insane
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Deviant Art badge thing by HalfInane-HalfMentalIIP Sticker by HalfInane-HalfMentalBritish English language level NATIVE by animeXcaso

"Immature love says: I love you because I need you. Mature love says: I need you because I love you"

So Long as youre with someone you Love it doesnt

My authentic japanese name is 藤本 Fujimoto (true wisteria) 天音 Amane (heavenly sound).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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My birthday badge
IQ Test
IQ Test
Last attempt

My Fanfiction Profile Link:…
My Fictionpress Profile…
My Boyfriend (I Love you) <3


Friends who i frequently talk to/RP with. also this icon sometimes appears :icondensemotherfuckerplz: but don't question it.. just embrace it..
:iconsamwolf3974: 'hands over the plushies' here take em TAKE EM! 'shoves them towards you'

Friends /people who I should talk to more often.

People who I consider a friend idk

The awesome Artists who Consider me A friend..sorta maybe..idek

Awesome artists

The Lost but not forgotten
Microsoft Windows User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelMozilla Firefox User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelGoogle Chrome User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelMicrosoft Paint User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelGimp User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelPaint Tool SAI User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelWacom Bamboo Connect User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel
( (\_/) )
( ( . .) )
( (__) ) BUNNY
()() BUNNY HOP <3
I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAIStamp Request: HalfInane-HalfMental by The-Lost-HopeI Support halfinane-halfmental by The-Lost-HopeLove works in many ways even strange ones by HalfInane-HalfMentalSupport Stamp by The-Clawed-Shadowcoercion by DametoraNot Free by DametoraStamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Monthly Event February -Bisexual by Tea-StrawberryAthiesm stamp by Tea-StrawberryMeaningful comments stamp by dazza1008Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86

Commission - -HalfInane-HalfMental-Crystal by ProjectHalfbreed Happy-Birthday-Insane! by ProjectHalfbreedHalfInane-Halfmental- Derpcookie by ProjectHalfbreed

Comm - Zil and Talon Floaty by LoretecksGA - Heix Floaty by LoretecksPoint-commissions--Heix by ProjectHalfbreedHalfInane-HalfMental by Cyanea-Lamarckii

Comm - Lineless Yan by Loretecks...[AT] - Deri... by TraumlaternePC: Deri In A Dress by SilentRisingSunMozcane Sticker by HalfInane-HalfMental
Artie and Hade sticker by HalfInane-HalfMental

Comm - Damien Pixel Doll by LoretecksComm - Lava Pixel Doll by LoretecksComm - Insane Pixel Doll by Loretecks

Comm - Crystal and Caz Pixel Doll by LoretecksComm - Zin and Ray Pixel Doll by LoretecksComm - Cloud and Zark Pixel Doll by LoretecksComm - Ki and Bronze Pixel Doll by Loretecks

Commission - HalfInane-Halfmental--Cyan by ProjectHalfbreed :iconbigheartplz: Commission - HalfInane-Halfmental--Insane by ProjectHalfbreed
Cyan x Insane <3 I gotta love em

R.I.P HP Laptop August/September 2011-September 2013 Death by hotchocolate ;A;

R.I.P Dell ispiron Laptop unknown 2013/May 25th 2014 death by pop spill

Dell vostro (dying slowly)

Current laptop Acer
Premium memberships given: 10 in total
4 to LordDreadRaven (all 1 months)
1 to Swagamemnon (1 month)
1 to DragonA7X (1 month)
1 to Wolvesmaycry (1 month)
1 to PurpleSnowcones (1 month)
1 to T-wolf2 (1 month)
1 to viablebutton46 (3 month)

Cake badges given
1 to LordDreadRaven
1 to myself XD

Llama badges
Current badge Level: Spartan Llama :3
Premium memberships received
1 month (x6) (cannot be sure)
3 month (x1) (one only though can't be sure)
1 year (x1) (won from a contest)

Bands/singers stuff I like
Skillet, Linkin Park,Three days grace,bonjovi , Simple plan ,Alice cooper ,Nickle back,Breaking benjamin ,3 doors down, Disturbed, Daughtry,Evanescence ,Creature Feature ,Volitaire.My chemical romance,Every avenue,Red,one republic,guns and roses,westlife,owl city,Imagine dragons,One republic,Ashes remain,Racal fatts,and more..

My Youtube Music playlist…

My Youtube…

Art status

Requests stamp by MeganTheRabbitLlamas by impersonalinfoOooh you'll live by ViscountDevilHigh Five by x-bronwen-x


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